Realign Your Energy

Stop by for holistic healing treatments in Indianapolis, IN

Do you feel drained and stressed? Reiki, a Japanese healing technique, can reinvigorate your body and soul. You can find professionals trained in the administration of reiki at A Touch of Zen Indy in Indianapolis, IN. We offer reiki treatments on their own or as part of our massage therapy.

This subtle energy therapy can be applied with or without touching. It can reduce stress and enhance your sense of empowerment. Call us today at 317-721-9361 to learn more about this holistic treatment.

Holistic healing techniques are available in Indianapolis, IN

Holistic healing techniques are available in Indianapolis, IN

Our professionals are well-trained in a variety of holistic treatments, including:

  • Acupressure: A holistic acupuncture technique that doesn’t use needles.
  • Ear candling: An ear wax clearing technique using an inverted sage cone.
  • Seacret Salt Sea Rub or Body Butter: A paste of sea salts and essential oils or water is used to increase circulation, improve the skin’s appearance and clean pores.

We also offer natural remedies and supplements. Our CDB oil is made from hemp plants and can help lower anxiety. Our keto supplements and Shakeology products can help you lose weight. Talk to us about your health needs today to get matched with the right products.